Thursday, July 25, 2013


I woke up this morning in Turku, Finland.
We have been here a few days, in the same hotel, which is quite a luxury
we don't see very often. Getting a few days in the same place can really make a difference.
You can call this room home for a while. Stretch out, clean your clothes, catch up on some
work and just stop moving for a minute or two.
I've been waking up my entire life, we all have.
Most often I wake up to an alarm which I have set, other times I just come to, slowly on my own.
We move so much that it may take me a minute or two to stop and think where I am, whats going on.
These days, I have nothing to fear when I wake up.
I am not waking up in some dope house or in jail or from a night of misery and shame.
I am just waking up to my life, and it's such a good life these days.

As I practice the spiritual principles in my life I take on a deeper awakening.
My heart and soul have been living this spiritual life all along, but my mind
didn't catch up until later in life. Practicing the spiritual principles does not
make me spiritual, it's just part of the awakening process.
I have been spiritual all of my life.
I will be spiritual long after this physical life ends.
When my mind slowed down enough to entertain the thought that their was
another way to live other than the hopeless life of addiction, I began my true awakening.
It was a very long term "Coming to"......

It took a while, a long while to come around. I am in the midst of that process as I  type.
Realizing that life is so much more than what is in front of me is an ongoing experience.
I still get caught up in the drama and the ins and outs of this world, we all do.
That is what "re-membering" is for, I need to take time to "re-member".
Get back to that understanding that takes all my worries away.
I am fortunate in my life today and by applying the spiritual principles,
I don't have much to worry about at all.
It is an awesome feeling of gratitude and serenity to "re-member" who I am and where
I am going in this life.
Anytime of day, in any situation or frustration, I can always go back and start over.
I never feel more gratitude than after waking up in the morning.
Before the world gets into my day with noise and problems and personalities and all
that shit, it's just me and the universe. I thank God that I am alive today and I have so much to be thankful for in my life. I often think I don't deserve all of this, but thats just an alcoholic mind.
I am still waking up as I type this morning.
It will be a beautiful day.
Peace, Love, Zito