Monday, August 14, 2017


It is a beautiful Monday morning on the road.
The sun is shining and I am thankful to be alive and healthy.
Unfortunately, some folks didn't have these luxuries this morning.
They didn't make it through the night or there lives were changed forever
with devastating sadness.  Some folks maybe just drifted off to sleep and
did not wake up. Whatever the case may be, I was awoken today to live and breathe
and serve. I am.
I do not watch the news much and what I see is usually bullshit, but the story of this weekends
hate rallies and protests are sad and tragedy beheld 3 lives and their families.
Hate is hate. Its wrong and it sucks.  No matter what our skin color, what our religion,
what our political views - we are all absolutely equal in the eyes of the Lord.
No man is above another.
That being said, I do not, and I repeat DO NOT believe that anyone that voted for our Commander in Chief is a supporter of the  Nazis that rallied this weekend. Anyone who suggests this idea or says this is true at all is WRONG. I know people that voted for President Trump and NONE of them condone any of this behavior. Not the people I know, but I am not friends with any Nazis.
That being said, their is no reason to be on defense in any of this matter at all.
Once people start getting beat, killed, run over...the argument is out the window.
Now it's just evil and hatred.

We need to stop putting people in categories and calling the names like "Libtard" and "Ultra Right Nazis" and whatever the hell we call people we don't agree with.
The only thing we should call people we don't agree with is another human being that doesn't think the way I do about this one particular subject. Because come on folks, in the end we have WAYYY more in common with one another than we do not.  We are all humans with basic needs and family and want peace and love.  Yes, there are a few warped minds out there with mental illness that want chaos and destruction, but NOT MOST PEOPLE.

We need to stop saying things that lump folks into these piles of categories.
If we find the common ground, we can then begin to understand one another more clearly and work on solutions.

I also am not a believer that this is how things are "now".
Thats not really true either. They have been this way since the beginning of time.
People have fought and had wars and killed each other over beliefs since we became man.
Just let this soak in.......right now, the safest time to ever be alive on planet Earth.

I am guilty of all of this thinking and behavior as well, I am not trying to preach or teach anyone anything, I am stating the obvious.  I need to remind myself when someone says something to me that I think is batshit crazy, that they are likely uninformed or maybe I am.
I try my best to give them the benefit of the doubt because I might be wrong.

I do Not believe things are terrible and everyone is awful and this world is deteriorating.
I believe just the opposite.
There is nothing spiritual about being pessimistic or "realistic" which is a snarky way of acting
as if you know better than the rest of us, you do not.

We are just people, all of us. Brown people, White people, Yellow People, Orange people.....
The media is a complete waste of time and it is nonsense. I say they are half to blame for the deaths this weekend at those rallies. They pumped that shit up from the beginning and I believe helped contribute to the chaos. TURN IT OFF!!!

Stop trying to correct one another and listen to each other.
Why does your fellow man believe something different than you?
It is not because he is stupid, he has different feelings and experiences.
Walk a mile in his or her shoes and see how it feels.

I try hard everyday to give myself a break. When I do, I give you one too.
If we all tried to give ourselves a break and just be people, today would be a little easier.

Peace, Love, Zito