Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Keep Coming Back

Shameless plug.......

Actually, not so true - but yes, my new album is titled "Keep Coming Back".
Right away some people get it, some people just thinks it's catchy.
If you're not in recovery, "Keep Coming Back" is what they tell you from day one.
No matter what, Keep Coming Back.

I had never had a true success in my life until I found recovery.
It's the first thing in life I stuck with and didn't walk away from,
and at 33 years old, I walked away from a lot.

But "Keep Coming Back" is not just for those of us that are in recovery,
it's really become a motto in my life that I live by.
Don't give up, Lifes too short, Keep Coming Back.
Walter Trout told me years ago when I started my music career again, sober this time,
he said "Don't quit, if you quit, the dreams over. You're the only one that can say it's over."
I'm in charge, I am responsible for it all, I can either quit or keep trucking.

Look, we all get it, life is not for the weak of heart, it's tough,
and just think we live in an easy world without war all around us and true poverty.
Buddhist teachings suggest that life is painful at best.
The attachment to loved ones who leave us, the material world, and even just the
pain of having a human body that gets old and weak and dies.
The only remedy for this pain is a spiritual connection with a Higher Power.
Whatever that may be, getting out of my head and into the spiritual realm eases my pain of living.
BUT, I can't live on a pink cloud, or high up in the mountains,
I live down in the valley where shits going on and I have to be there, this is my life.

In a Zig Ziglar world of catch phrases that are supposed to make everything better,
Keep Coming Back has stuck with me.
It means everything.
You get knocked down, get back up and get you some more.
Cause what are you gonna do? Throw in the towel and walk away?
What kind of life is that?
Get back in there and get knocked on your ass again!


To make it in this world, you need tenacity.
We must continue to exist until the day we exist no more.
So we make mistakes, so we have to try again, thats what it's all about.
If I did everything right, if I had everything I wanted, and if everything
hurried up and went my way........what would I do then?
Sit around and look at how great everything is?
No, thats just not how it works, and for the few of those have experienced that
grandiosity - they usually get their heads chopped off.

Bottom line is, I am here to do my part no matter how big or small.
I'm trying to raise kids that are not a burden on society and I am trying to leave
this place a little better than it was when I got here.
I have found my purpose in life, and it's not necessarily being a musician.....
it's to be a kind, loving, caring, understanding human being.
If being a father and a husband and a musician is the path I have chosen,
then my responsibility is to be a Kind, Loving, Caring and Understanding
Father, Husband and Musician.

We are flawed. We do not do everything "right".
We make mistakes, we fall down, we walk away,
the important thing is to get back up, try again, get it right,
brush it off, stop being proud and just be me,
and absolutely, no matter what......