Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Brighter Days

Brighter Days......

I am looking forward to the future.
I hope you are too.
Not because all of my dreams are coming true and I am living a full blessed life,
Mostly because my mind is aligning with the blessings and dreams of my life.
I have been living the dream since the day I was born.
The realization of this truth is what I am so excited about.
It's hard to believe without judgment that it took this long to have this
understanding, so many good years spent in misunderstanding, but I am thankful
that I get to spend the second half in truth and awareness with a full heart of humility.

I was performing with the Royal Southern Brotherhood this past Sunday at Crawfish Fest
in beautiful Augusta, Nj.  It was a gorgeous day, perfect weather, cool breeze, sun shining....
Lots of my friends were there to welcome myself and the band to the stage.
I had a real good time that day.
JJ Grey and Mofro were on after our set to close out the main stage.
I have been a fan for years and love his music and message.
I stood on the side of the stage and watched the band and JJ really dig into "Brighter Days".
It was a killer, soulful groove and JJ's voice was righteous.
In the middle of the song, he broke it down and the band got real quiet.
JJ began telling a story about having an epiphany a few years back when they played
the Crawfish Fest, how he realized that it wasn't only the band that was performing that day,
but the audience was performing as well, both the band and the audience were one and they
were performing for the Universe. He said he knew in that moment that it was time to stop judging everything and begin to take responsibility for his own happiness, because everything we feel,say,do
is put out into the Universe forever. He was going to try and find a silver lining in everything that happened to him, no judgments.

I was smiling ear to ear. It's a real blessing to have this awareness and understanding,
and it's truly exciting to hear others that we don't know personally acknowledge the same
awareness and understanding. Maybe this is happening all over the world, I believe it is.
It's not from a book or a speech or passed down through tradition....
It's an actual experience that is personal and real.

I am hopeful that this world is 51% committed to a new spiritual experience (actually the only
spiritual experience) especially in the Western World. Thats all we need for a change.
Brighter Days.....