Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays

A sincere and heartfelt Happy Holidays to you and yours this season.

Not sure what religion or non-religion or spiritual program or Festivus you're working......
but I think we can all agree to wish each other a happy season.
Buddha suggest that if we cannot do something to help one another, at the very least, do nothing to
harm anyone.  I try and live by those words of freedom.
When I wish no one harm, do no one harm, and try and help when I can.....I live a relatively serene life, free of drama or pain and suffering.
Life is painful at best, so I try not to contribute to my own pain.
When I go to sleep at night I think back over the day and examine my behavior.
Did I do someone wrong? Speak ill of someone? Act inappropriately?
If I can answer no to these questions....I can sleep peaceful.
If I have behaved badly, I can take time to make amends to the person the next day.

The bottom line here is that I want a good nights sleep.
Peaceful sleepers have the world in their hearts.
When I have nothing to worry about, and I have followed principles to guide my behavior,
I am at peace with myself and my maker.
I trust the process and let it all go.......I fall asleep easily and rest.

We all do not agree and have the same views of religion or politics or behavior.
But we all certainly know right from wrong, or should know if we are adults
living on Planet Earth.
So lets all agree this holiday season to have respect for one another, have faith in humanity,
and at the very least....not harm one another. It only hurts us the most and hurting ourselves
makes no sense at all.
I pray you and yours have peaceful nights of sleep and healthy days of joy.

Happiest of Holidays - Peace, Love, Zito