Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Brand New Blues....

Well, to borrow from my dear friend Cyril Neville,    Brand New Blues.......

It's a new year and an exciting one to say the least - 2015!

Wow- starting to sound like Back to the Future around here, or Back to the Future 2 to be correct.
I love the holidays, and thoroughly enjoy time off with my family, but like a lot of us,
I am also eager to get the holidays over with and get moving forward with the new year.
And we didn't waste any time - I am currently out in the cold northeast of New England on tour with
The Wheel.  This will be the first full year of touring with this exciting band.
We have a lot of festivals and tours booked and are working on a new studio album.
I think this will be a defining year for me and the band.
But as I read my daily reflections and give a thought or two to my spiritual life, I am reminded
that nothing is given or completed magically, it requires effort on all parts - especially from me.
Just like getting clean and sober, my problems do not just go away when I stop my drinking
and drugging - in fact when that all ends, I am left with the nothing but the problem, me.
My life required intense restructuring from the ground up!
As I have learned to trust in the spiritual process, I have also learned to get my hands dirty and
walk through all of the day in/day out struggles of life.
Nothing is handled until we handle it.
For example - I am so excited about the process of my new album.
The band is fired up, I have great ideas in mind and a conception and even quite a few songs
written - but I am far from ready.  I could walk into the studio this week and we could complete
an album, but it would not be my best album.  I need more time to do the work.
and a lot of the work in life is time. It takes time to get from one step to the next.
If I have done all I can do, I probably just need to sit on my hands and wait.
When I haven't found all of the pieces of the puzzle and I have looked everywhere,
I need to wait and with time the last piece will be revealed.
I do not believe that my God is a magician, but I do believe that I need to leave room
for "Magic" in the process. And most of the time "leaving room" means waiting.
My time is conceptual, God's time is not.

So I am taking time to pray and meditate and learn to love the process.
I know that more "Magic" is on it's way and will be revealed when THE time is right :)
I have faith that things will work out for the best and I am excited to see what the future brings.
I pull on my boots and get to work - more shows to play, more practicing to be had,
much more to learn and I learn to reach for help when I need it.
I cannot do this all on my own, I need the help of others and I need to help others
in the process.

Peace, Love, Zito