Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Brand New Blues

Cyril Neville put an album out some years back called "Brand New Blues".
I always loved this album and the title track is superb.

It's a new year and new things are on the horizon for us all.
Unfortunately, our year seems to have begun with the loss of so many legendary
performers. It seems strange at times that so many leave us in a quick, short time span,
but considering how many people leave this planet on a daily basis that are not famous,
it's really not so strange at all.  (151,600 people die each day)
My point is, we all have to die, famous or not, and we are all just people, none greater
than the masses. But, it is still sad to see our favorites leave.

I am certainly not cavalier about death. It is strange, sad and confusing to us all.
I do not know anymore than anyone else what will happen to us once we leave this planet.
But I am comforted in my faith and belief that I have no control over the matter and
when my time comes, I will go peacefully.
I personally believe in a life after death, in fact I believe this physical life is mostly a dream,
and the after life is reality.

I used to be so afraid of death. I was brought up in the Catholic Church (no harm, no foul)
and I was taught that I would end up in a fiery blaze if I didn't follow all of the rules.
Today, I have no such belief of any hell or judgment. I really have no idea whatsoever
of what will come after this life, but I know it is not judgment or condemnation.
I am comforted in my belief that love awaits us all, no matter what we've done.

I do believe that this here life that I am living at the present, is my life and my life to live.
I am full responsible for all of my actions and reactions.
I create my own pain and suffering and my own joy and happiness.
God is never keeping anything from me, I only keep things from myself.
God is never punishing me, I only punish myself.
Love and Joy are always here for me, I just need to ask for love and it shall be received.

I am a product of my own decisions and behavior.

I can find the lesson and the joy in everything that happens to me, or I can find the suffering.
I choose today to find the Joy in everything I do, in every breathe I take, in every move I make.
I try not to judge myself, and in turn that helps me to not judge anyone else.
I make mistakes, and when I do I don't like the way I feel, so I tell myself I never have to feel that way again, just don't do that again. I have learned to trust my gut instincts the most.
My mind is not trustworthy. I do what I know "feels" right, I don't make choices based on decisions
made in my head after hours, days or years of contemplating the "right" move.
If it "feels" right, it's most likely the right thing to do.

At 45 years old, I have made a choice in the year of 2016 to make everything count.
Nothing will be done without passion, commitment and always doing my best.
If it doesn't "Feel" right to me, then I won't do it and move on.
Life is short, I do believe this is true. We only live once right now and it counts.
It doesn't count for points or good behavior, it counts for the next generation, for the life
we are living to leave to our children.
Life is also very long!  Sounds so conflicting, but this is true as well.
Why continue to make bad choices or do things that don't really count and have to live
through the pain and suffering of the awful results......ugh!

I am not perfect, but I am doing my best to make it count.
There certainly is "Brand New Blues" to be found in this world, no doubt life is not easy.
But if I take a second to be grateful and continue to try and give back, and have a "personal"
life and relationship with my Higher Power, everyday is worth living.

I have a feeling when I leave this planet I am going to see the Light and the Truth
and think "Aw Man, I should've had more fun!"  :)

Peace, Love....Zito