Monday, April 4, 2016

Sincere Gratitude

Yesterday I experienced sincere gratitude.
I took part in a wonderful community event that involved recovery.
People came together to fight for drug addicts and help bring awareness to a town
that is suffering an epidemic. This program brought in speakers, State Representatives and families
to share their stories, hope and strength.  I was honored to take part in this event.
I was able to share my own personal story or drug addiction along with playing some of my
songs of recovery. After a nice dinner, my band played for the community in celebration.
It was a wonderful day and it made me feel so good to be giving back after all of those years of taking.  We're always told that it feels good to give it away, to help and to do service work, but I don't think we ever quite get it until we do the action. The people were very gracious and thanked me for my time, but I thanked them in return.  It's something I learned a long time ago in recovery.....
You can't keep it if you don't give it away.
It would be great to think that even one person might have heard something I said yesterday and it would maybe help them, but chances are they did not. The most important thing is that I heard what I had to say and it reminds me of who I am, I am an addict.  When I help others, I am truly helping myself.  It is a selfish program for selfish people and it works if you work it.
The more I give, the more I receive.
Music brings people together and I think that is so important to me.
I have music in my life that I love so much, that is such a part of who I am.
I have very special memories and life events and there are songs and music that are the
soundtrack to those special moments, we all do......
But to have my own music be that soundtrack to others lives, for people to tell me that this is
their favorite song or how it changed their life, it is incredibly humbling.
I am very, very thankful today to be in recovery and to have an amazing wife and family.
I can't believe that I get to play music for a living and hopefully bring happiness to others.
It is a dream come true and I am eternally grateful.