Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Time to make a change

It's always time to make a change.
But....nothing changes if nothing changes :)
Change takes time and commitment. It takes effort and action and a stepping off point.
In my life I have had very specific times when I decided to make a change.
But it did not happen overnight, I began thinking of the idea of changing.
I considered what it would take to make this change.....and then I sat around doing nothing!
But the idea and the seed were planted. I started to really want to change, but didn't know if I could or
if I had enough strength to go through with it, depending on what the issue was at hand.
Most of the issues with not changing were of course, mental, not physical.
I wasn't like I wanted to escape an actual prison and I wasn't sure if I could get out of the building
without getting caught or climb the walls, it was more about having the mental strength to
stop doing the same thing and try something new and stay consistent.
Consistency, that is the key to change. It takes a lot to make a big change in one's life.
Like, quitting smoking or losing weight or to stop drinking alcohol.
None of these things are easy, but they can be done with the right mental state and support.
The idea is to take it slow but definitely begin to take steps.

I have had success with change in my life, but it was not easy nor a quick fix. It took time and
it was a process, always.  Most recently I lost about 25 pounds. I had gained weight over the years
a few pounds at a time and it finally got to a point where I was pretty much not happy with myself.
I weighed about 205 pounds and my clothes were tight and I looked like I had 5 chins in every photo
they took of me playing my guitar! I had not really tried anything, but sometimes I would stop eating sugar or sweets. Sometimes I would only eat meat and no carbs. Sometimes I would go to the gym and workout a little......but none of it was a full commitment and not for long periods of time.
Finally at the end of this summer I came home and told my wife I had had enough. I wanted to lose weight and I made a decision to start. I began eating much less food than I was accustomed to, and I start working out regularly. It took about 3 months of work, but I lost about 25 pounds and really made a change for the better. Sure, I had gained a few back here and there, but I really learned what to eat and how to eat and just understanding that I was eating way too much food for one person.
With consistency and effort, it has paid off and I feel much better about myself. I only look like I have 3 chins now in photos and thats a good thing!

I use this as an example because people can relate. If I want to make a change, I have to at some point commit. I am also beginning to realize that I am getting older and life is getting shorter and I don't have time to mess around much more. If I am going to do something, I better get busy.
Which brings me to change in my life that is spiritual.
I don't have time to waste around people that are not happy and hell bent on poisoning the well.
They have to go! I like being happy and having fun and enjoying myself, and I am able to do that without the help of any other human. My spiritual life brings me such joy, I want to share it with those around me, but sometimes they are not so interested in the joy. Some folks love to be miserable.
They live for it, literally! I say it's time for a change. Why let people suck your energy and bring you down to their level of misery? Life is too damn short.

I also say it's time to put forth more effort to love in 2020.
I try to love with all of me, but I think I can do better, we all can. I am still selfish and self-centered,
and would like to think of others more than myself.  When I help others and give of my time,
I get so much more in return.

It's the end of the year, it's winding down and a brand new one we have never seen before is right in
front of us - I am thinking of taking some steps and making some more changes for the better.
Or....maybe I will just lay around and watch tv.....we'll see!!

Peace, Love...Zito