Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Truly Thankful

It has been a while since I have blogged and I have been wanting to do so badly,
but I have been so fortunate to be busy working, so it's been hard to get a minute to reflect.
Of course, with the end of the year, comes naturally a feeling of looking back.

I hope we can all look back on this year and have fond memories, but that may not be so
for everyone. Life is hard and then you die........says Johnny Winter.

I have had such a wonderful year and for that I am grateful.
RSB had the best year yet, touring all over the world to wonderful audiences.
We traveled to Australia, Europe, opened for Gregg Allman, played the Wanee Festival,
played at the Notodden festival and rocked the Blues Music Awards, we ended the year
by recording our second studio album.
Mike Zito and The Wheel was born in 2013, recording and releasing our debut cd and getting
some great tours in and around RSB.
We were so humbly honored this week to be nominated for Blues Music Awards.
All in all,  a fantastic year, with so much that has happened, I cannot remember it all.

I was gone too long this year from my family. I missed my children and my wife.
I didn't get to play with my kids enough or watch them grow. I feel some regret
when I think of how much I was gone. I know it;s all for the best in the long run,
but that is time that I will never get back. I look forward to having more time for my family
in 2014.  But, I became closer with my bandmates and my friends on the road.
I made new friends at shows all over the world. I spent time with people and got to really
know them well this year. I celebrated 10 years in recovery and performed at a huge recovery
convention with RSB. My good friend Tom spent the day with me and Charlie, it was great.

My dear friend Joan made me an amazing video for Gone to Texas, with all of my friends and fans
showing their Gone to Texas signs. My main man, Tommy created my first ever online fan club
website, Zito Nation......   I have a fan club! who would have thought :)
Scott and Kelly sent my wife flowers when she needed them to brighten her day.
People got involved personally with our business this year and really helped us get kicking!

Listen, I could go on and on about all the wonderful things that happened this year,
but it's not the point to brag or show off, it's to look back and say thank you.
I missed my family so much this year, it hurt......but you, YES YOU - my friends
that were at every gig, that called me, emailed me, facebooked me, sent me messages
to show your love, friendship, appreciation. You went out of your way big time to show me love,
and for THAT I am truly thankful.
I could not have gotten through this year without you, Laura and my children either.
We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.

Finally I am over the moon for my wife, Laura. She is my rock.
She makes our house a home, and takes such good care of my girls.
She has stood by my side through thick and thin and never lets me down.
Our marriage is a dream come true and this year was not easy, but we made it through
by helping each other and loving unconditionally.
The mothers of my children are also hero's in my life. It's not easy raising kids and I am
not there nearly enough to help anyone being on the road so much, but they continue to
be strong and raise these kids of ours to be wonderful, loving children and I am so thankful.

Life is not easy, but it's worth living when you've got family and friends to live it with.
Rich or poor doesn't really matter to me, although life can be much easier when you've got a
few bucks, but it won't make you happy. Happiness is found in embracing the imperfection
of life. Rolling with the punches and making a gratitude list once in a while, which I believe I just did with you, right here :)

Thank you all again for a great year and for all the love - let's do it again next year!!!!
Peace, Love, Zito