Monday, April 28, 2014


We are either getter better or we are getting sicker.

Thats just the way it is. We can argue this fact all day long,
and if we argue against the truth, we are probably on the getting sicker side.
Life is progressive, and so is every facet of life.
Life moves forward, whether we like it or not.
We either go with the flow, or rub against the grain.
When we stop and go backwards, we disrupt the flow and cause waves
and splinters to those around of us and mostly to ourselves.

If I am not consciously striving for betterment in my spirituality,
I am falling back into my old ways.
Spirituality is a constant forward motion, that consistently seeks what is right and just.
It is never ending, there is always room for improvement.
Spirituality is a perpetual reminding of the truth.
My mind will always try and forget, but my heart beats to "re-mind".
Spiritual perfection is unattainable, but striving of perfection in spirituality is necessary.

Progress not perfection, but progressing toward perfection is what this is all about.

It is always wonderful to see myself in the light that I once dreamed of seeing myself.
But my second thought is to give myself a treat, like a dog, like I deserve something
for doing the right thing.  That, I believe is the human experience.
I need to get over myself.
Eat a cookie :)

Everything should be getting better, not worse.
Striving for greatness is our greatest attribute as human beings.
The next song I write needs to be better than the last, each record needs to push the limits
and boundaries of my last efforts.  Each day I need to try to eat better, exercise more, pray more.
I need to love my wife and children more than I did yesterday (if thats even possible).
I believe it is all possible. By getting out of myself and being less selfish with my time, my money,
and trying to make others happy, I can learn to need less and have more.

Somedays I will need rest. Sometimes I can only do enough to get through the day.
So I give myself a break, I am only human.
But the next day, I pick up my boots and strap on for more.
Get in the game and make a play.
I am not afraid of life or people today.

"The right thing is always the hardest thing to do" - Jason Isbell

Life should be hard, not easy. Accomplishments do not come to those who sit on their asses.

Today I will be progressive - Spiritually, Mentally and Physically.