Monday, October 19, 2015

Happiness and Death

Wow, that's quite a title huh?
Happiness and Death, not something you would normally order
off the same menu, but what the hell, it's Monday :)

I had a nice long talk with a friend yesterday and we were both in agreement of
how we felt about our place in the world and of course it always feels good to spend
Some time with someone who is like minded.
We both agreed there is a God and believe that it is our responsibility
to follow the Spiritual Principles in our hearts.
We know right from wrong, and for each of us that might be a bit different, but mostly similar.
There is no "magic show" in the eyes of God, no tricks to be had, just the truth.
If you can live with the truth, you can do what you please, as long as you do not harm others. was a nice Sunday discussion that ended well and felt good.

The bottom line is happiness and death.
We both absolutely agreed on a belief in a Higher Power, but neither of us claimed to know
The exact state of this being, or what it might look like or what gender it was,
We just agreed there was something there that we are all made of and it was pure love.
The trees, stars, moon, mountains, fish, cats, dogs, spiders,, woman, child
are all made of the same power and energy or love. We may not understand the place of everything
in this world, but that's because we are only man and we don't need to know everything and it would
be arrogant to think we could understand the makings of the Power of the Universe,
But we are connected, not separate. We are one with this Power, not apart, but a part.
The only thing we agreed to know about this life is that we will die.
After that, no living man can profess to know with any certainty what will happen.
Life after death is not of my concern, life during life is.
Which brought us to happiness.
Happiness is a state of mind, a state of well being and comfort.
In this day and age of constant social media, we are endlessly reminded to "BE HAPPY".
It is your duty, your cross to bare. Everyone MUST be happy, or else!
It seems that way, but that is not the truth.
Just as though people try to show us that Karma is some sort of revenge that the Universe uses to get back at bad people, which also is not true at all. The Power of Love knows not of revenge.
Happiness IS a personal responsibility, but not for every second of everyday in every situation.
That would not be living. Living requires anger, remorse, fear, grief, pain, suffering, laughter, hope,
Peace, ....the list goes on and on.
We are people. We are flawed by nature and life is painful at best.
We need to feel pain to find hope, anger to find resolution, grief to overcome.
Eternal happiness is knowing that we will die, and that's ok.
If we can come to terms with our own end now while we are alive, then we can take part in the life
in front of us wholeheartedly. This is our responsibility. To know that we will expire at any given moment, and accept this with peace and serenity, that is true happiness.
Once I have accepted that I do not know what life after death brings, but I believe in the Power of the Universe, I have faith that it will all be ok, I will be set free, then it is my responsibility to live the life I have now. To be faithful and honest, to love and forgive, to have hope and overcome fear.
To mourn the loss of loved ones and friends and know they have crossed over to a better place.
If we are lucky enough to have children, we have a responsibility to raise them to be good, decent members of society. To not be afraid and to have principles to live by, that is my responsibility.

If my own death does not bring about fear and anger, but peace and acceptance,
Life is easy.
If I realize I might die tomorrow, then I will do everything I can to live today,
to love today, to be happy today, to bring happiness to others.

It's a beautiful day, a beautiful life.
Thank God.