Wednesday, April 17, 2019


What can I say?
 I know I've written about this topic before, but after this weekend,
I have plenty to be grateful for.
After four weeks touring in Europe, we came home for a day or two and headed right back out on the road to Florida. I am always thankful for the work, but I do get tired and I do get crabby.
I try my best to you put a happy face on. I pray, I meditate, and I just try to roll with the punches.
The music and the band and most of all the fans always get me through.
By Sunday afternoon in Tampa Bay I was spent. The band gave a rousing performance.
We were gifted with many standing ovations and the audience really lifted us up.
 I walked off the stage exhausted.....and a little dizzy.
I made my way over to the autograph line and merch tent, where it looked like the folks waiting faded into the sunset. I gathered my best composure, grabbed a sharpie and jumped right in.....

The first woman in line had bought two cd's and was very sweet.
She told me she enjoyed my music and had not heard me before. She could tell from my
lyrics that I must be in recovery. I told her that was true.
She then told me she had over 30 years of sobriety. I thanked her for her recovery and for
sharing with me. She then looked up and directly at me and said
"My daughter was killed 6 days ago"

Let that sink in.

"My daughter was Killed 6 days ago"

I lost my breathe. She said she had this vacation planned for a while and then her daughter
was killed in an auto accident. She thought about not coming, but she knew it wouldn't be good
if she sat around and thought too much, She needed to get out of her head.
She said she needed to hear the message and seeing me confirmed to her that she needed
to come to Tampa.

What do you say? What do you do? I just said I am so sorry and I grabbed her for a hug
and she began weeping. The thoughts of my children raced through my head.
I was overcome with emotion and we just kind of held onto each other for a bit.
She told me she enjoyed the music and she would see me again.
She helped take some pictures and as the line continued and folks kept pouring in for autographs....
she was gone.

Immediately I stood up straight, thanked God for my blessings and gave everything I had in me
to the line of beautiful people that went on for 2 hours.
I was what. I was crabby.....get over it. Stop whining and give all of yourself,
thats what you are here, and look what I get in return.....LOVE.

It reminds me that I have no idea what the plan is.....I only know what MY plans are
and they are mostly based in ego.
God needs me to be somewhere, to help someone. This music is not mine.

This music, this life is based on connecting to people. Coming together and helping each other.
It's not about how many tickets we sold, how much money we make, how many records we sell.
What our outfit looks like today. Did we lose weight? Do we look old?
It's not about who plays the guitar the fastest, the loudest, the best.....
It's not about being the most's about the PEOPLE.

Connecting with the audience, being there together. The simple acknowledgement that life is
painful at best and all we have is each other.

I am a firm believer that that is what matters most.
Getting caught up in the game of success and trying to be something you are not just to try
and be successful is foolish and not artistic. It seems artistic to "portray" onstage, but it's bullshit.

Just be yourself and be honest and let it come to you.
I remembered this weekend why I do this. Why I leave my family and my home.
It's to be with the people. They give so much to me and to the band and it's amazing
that all they want in return is for us to play our instruments and sing our songs.

God bless the woman that I met. God bless her daughter and her family.
Thank you for sharing with me and for including me and reminding me to be of service.
I made a gratitude list and it's busting.

Peace, Love, Zito