Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Thanks Giving's Thanksgiving tomorrow. WOW, this year has gone by very fast.
Christmas is around the corner and I can't seem to get things to slow down.
I have nothing to complain about, thats for sure. My life is a gift and I keep
trying to be grateful and thankful and give my time to loved ones.
I do realize that Time is what matters most. Making money helps make life easier,
but ultimately it does not equal time. 
My father worked all his life and we never really had much money.
He worked 40-50 hours a week and went out with friends on the weekends.
He was older when I was born and he was tired. I am not complaining, but he just
didn't have the verve to get outside and throw the ball around with me.
He always gave me money instead. I would ask where he was going or what he was doing
and he would reach into his pocket and give me $5. All of my siblings were older and out of the house by then, so it was just me and my Mom and Dad. They both grew up very poor
so him giving me $5 was a big deal in his eyes. I always took the money of course,
and usually ran straight to the neighborhood K-Mart and bought a record.

I find myself now older and with all of the kids around at varying ages and I have provided
for them financially as best I can. They have what they need and none want for much,
thats a good feeling. But, I want to spend more time with them, Especially the older children who I did not get to spend as much time with when they were younger because I was working
so much more then. My Father did the same thing when he was retired and had more time.
He would call me and invite me over to watch tv or come see him, but I was always too busy then.
My older kids are getting too busy themselves now, they have friends and jobs
and they are living their lives. I am happy for them, of course, but now that I have more time
I want to spend time with them and they are usually not available. This is life.
No one has any hard feelings that I am aware of, we all get along wonderfully and stay in contact
pretty regular. It's just life, it moves forward.
If I had a chance to do it over again, I would've spent more time with my Father when he was still alive. I would've listened to his stories more intently and enjoyed being with him and my Mother.
Instead, I was in a hurry to get going in life.

I am lucky to have two younger girls at home and I try my hardest to spend as much
time with them as possible. We play games, go on trips, watch tv and just have fun together.
I realize now that giving of time is much more valuable than giving money.
Of course we need money to survive this world, but I have a choice everyday of how I will
spend my time, and I choose to spend it with my wife and my family when I am home.
I am gone for long periods of time, so when I am home, I try to be HOME.

Thanksgiving to me is about family and friends.
I am thankful for all of the love I have in my life.
I have spent a few when drugs and alcohol cut me off from my loved ones
and I never want to feel that way again,
Today I will do my best to share my time, my valuable time, with loved ones.

"I see my folks, they're getting old
And I watch their bodies change
I know they see the same in me
And it makes us both feel strange
No matter how you tell yourself
It's what we all go through
Those eyes are pretty hard to take
When they're staring' back at you
Scared to run out of time"
Nick of Time
Happy Thanksgiving!
Peace, Love , Zito