Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Inside Job

 It's been a minute, but I have been quiet for a reason.

I decided to take a break from socializing so much on social media.  With all of the craziness surrounding the Pandemic and the craziness with Social Injustice and political division......I just stopped. I needed a reset. I look but I do not comment. It's kind of like going to the candy store but making no purchases. Every time I had the urge to comment….

I asked myself: Does this help? Is it important that I get involved? 

Turns out the answer is a big NO. It's not important at all. I am not important and neither is my opinion on anything. It's been a wonderful lesson that has brought me much peace. It is not that I do not care or I do not have feelings about certain subjects, it's that if I keep them to myself I feel much better.  I cannot make anyone change, only I can change. Another reason I have not written my Blog for a minute is that the last few entries brought about folks thinking I was writing with political motivation, which is simply not true.The last entry I had a man tell me I was a Narcissist and that he would begin unfollowing me. I believe because my entry might have been taken politically, not spiritually. Again, I realize now I cannot make everyone happy. Whats interesting is that my writings about spirituality might make someone believe I am imposing my political belief on them.....that is interesting. It means to me that their particular political belief is possibly infringed by spiritual principles? 

Which brings a good point. If Spiritual Principles of living life on Earth rub me the wrong way...I am the problem. I have the problem. Spiritual Principles should not make me angry. For the record - I do NOT believe anyone person's political beliefs define their Spiritual beliefs. I would assume, for the most part, almost everyone wants the same things out of life: Happiness. We might have different views of how that is achieved but at the end of the day we want to be happy, free and left alone to raise our children and love our families.  Living a Spiritual life is an "inside job". It takes time and constant commitment to do the right thing. Sometimes I need time to reflect on my actions and words to decide what I can do without. Like writing a good song - I trim the fat. What is necessary to tell the story and what is not. I have to say I am feeling better than ever. I do not watch news very much - just enough to know whats shaking and I tend to my day. I highly suggest you try for yourself. Take a break from the social medias and take a walk, read a book, meditate, play some games with your family. It is so much better - at least for me it is.

Of course - I will be sharing this post on Social Media - so thats a bit hypocritical - but I think you understand. Moderation is best.

Thats really all I have right now. Please be safe and healthy and wear a mask.

Peace, Love, Zito